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Tyrone Power, Too Short a Life

Tyrone Power is still a name which inspires strong emotions, particularly in female moviegoers of a certain age. Even so it is difficult nowadays to realise just how big a star, and a heartthrob star at that, that Tyrone Power … Continue reading

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Stagecoach, the End of the Beginning for John Wayne

   The brilliant movie ‘Stagecoach’, made in 1939, is often referred to as the “start” of John Wayne’s stellar movie career. It is certainly the movie that got h im noticed and propelled him to Hollywood stardom as the Ringo … Continue reading

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Bob Hope, Mr Talented

Bob Hope died in 2003 but he still ranks amongst the very greatest performers of radio, film and television. As well as being the master of quick-fire comedy in all forms of media, this immensely talented man was also a … Continue reading

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William Holden, The Original Golden Boy

William Holden was a dependable leading man whose career peaked in the 1950’s when a third of his seventy films were made. His first major film was called ‘Golden Boy’ in 1939, with Barbara Stanwyck, and the name stuck with him. … Continue reading

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Paul Newman, the most famous blue eyes in movie history

  Paul Newman was one of Hollywood’s most warmly admired and universally loved stars. During the course of a highly successful fifty year Hollywood career he received nine acting Academy Award nominations and won once in 1986, plus two honorary … Continue reading

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