Tyrone Power, Too Short a Life

Tyrone PowerTyrone Power is still a name which inspires strong emotions, particularly in female moviegoers of a certain age. Even so it is difficult nowadays to realise just how big a star, and a heartthrob star at that, that Tyrone Power was.

Tyrone Power was one of the great swashbucklers of Hollywood’s golden Age,  on a par with Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks.

His career total movies is about 50 and he began at the age of 22. Almost immediately his spectacular good looks marked him out and within his first full year of movie acting he leapfrogged from supposedly fourth lead in ‘Lloyds of London’ in 1936 to become a leading man and top star. 

He appeared in ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’, and ‘Suez’ in 1938 which, along with ‘In Old Chicago’ which he had starred in the previous year, became three of the top four of Twentieth Century Fox’s highest grossing films.

Power then cemented his status with a series of highly successful swashbuckling costume dramas such as ‘The Mark of Zorro’ in 1940, ‘Blood and Sand’ in 1941 and ‘Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake’ and ‘The Black Swan’ both in 1942. He had become Godlike and he continued at the top until the 1950’s.

 In November 1958 Power collapsed while filming a dueling scene and died from heart failure. He was buried at Hollywood Memorial Cemetery (now called Hollywood Forever) with an inscription on his tombstone which reads, “Good night, sweet prince…”.

The Mark of Zorro

Tyron Power, the Swashbuckler

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2 Responses to Tyrone Power, Too Short a Life

  1. Jocelyn Chandler says:

    Lovely article on Power. Actually, Power was a much bigger star than Flynn – that’s hard to realize today because TCM owns Flynn’s films and does not own Power’s…but Power was as high as #2 in the box office, beating out even Clark Gable, and died an international star, which Flynn did not. The Top Ten Reviews site places Power as 165 among all male actors, including character actors and stars of today – 38,503 actors in all — and Flynn is at 195. I do think Flynn was considered the definitive swashbuckler of that era, however.

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