Billy Wilder, One of the Greatest Talents

Billy Wilder was one of the greataest talents that Hollywood has ever seen. Nott only did he start as a highly successful screenwriter in a language foreign to him, but he developed into a major directorial talent creating several Oscar winning movies which are regarded by many as masterpieces.

We can see his genius in some inspirational images such as Marilyn Monroe standing over a subway grating or Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis famously and successfully cross-dressing in ‘Some Like It Hot’.

One of the major characteristics of Wilder’s films is the clever dialogue and he and his co-writer, I A L Diamond were responsible for one of the most memorable final lines in movie history – in ‘Some Like It Hot’ when Jack Lemon reveals to his millionaire admirer that he is in fact a man and receiving the reply “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

Wilder was also extremely adroit at coaxing superb performances out of his actors. He directed fourteen different actors in Oscar nominated performances, with three of them winning the Award. In addition Wilder is the second highest nominated director in the history of the Oscars. He has eight nominations and two wins, second only to William Wyler.

Read more about Billy Wilder at Hollywood’s Golden
Hollywood Oscars of 1959

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