Paul Newman, the most famous blue eyes in movie history


Paul NewmanPaul Newman was one of Hollywood’s most warmly admired and universally loved stars. During the course of a highly successful fifty year Hollywood career he received nine acting Academy Award nominations and won once in 1986, plus two honorary awards.

He was a legendary heartthrob with superstar sex appeal, enviable good looks and muscular body, but he was a talented and convincing actor, able to portray a diversity of characters, from alcoholics to horse traders, card sharps, pool sharks, gangsters, charming conmen and ruthless syndicate boss.

 His career encompassed some of Hollywood’s biggest successes such as ‘The Hustler’ in 1961, ‘Cool Hand Luke’ in 1967′, ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ in 1969 and ‘The Sting’ in 1973 as well as some lesser-known projects, including five which he directed himself.

He died in September, 2008, aged 83 and perhaps his greatest legacy is not his work in movies but his work in philanthropic causes. In 1982, he founded the food company, “Newman’s Own”, which today, is an enormous food business owning many food labels, and which has contributed tens of millions of dollars to charities since its inception.

The Sting

1973, The Sting, with Robert Redford

Click here for a complete biography and filmography of Paul Newman

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